Revolutionary wireless system with superior performance and maximum convenience.
  • "Quick-change" headphone jack - Our proprietary design prevents headphone jack from coming into contact with internal electronics...eliminating the damage associated with headphone jack wear and tear.
  • Moisture seal power connector - moisture resistant seal eliminates failure from rust or corrosion commonly caused by sweat or cleaning fluids entering the unit.

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Product Details
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xTV (900/863 MHz)
Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

Cardio Theater® wireless systems offer fitness facility users a state of the art entertainment experience. Our latest wireless system combines functionality, performance and style to bring high-fidelity sound to each individual.

The 900 MHz system features individually selectable frequencies, resulting in static-free performance regardless of location or environment — particularly important for large facilities.

For the cost-conscious, Cardio Theater also offers a wireless FM system — a great entry level solution for the mid or small-sized facility. Both solutions are easy to setup and use, and both will give your facility an edge on your competition.

With both solutions, members simply plug any stereo headphone into the Cardio Theater wireless xTV receiver ... select any wall or ceiling mounted TV or music channel ... it's that easy!

Available in the following frequencies for worldwide compatibility:

  • 900 and 800 MHz transmitter/receiver - The 900 and 800 receiver is compatible with most other entertainment system transmitters, check with your Cardio Theater Sales Manager. The 800 MHz solution is mainly used in Europe.

All receivers available in Stone Gray

Product Details
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xTV (FM)
Transmitter and Receiver Systems

The xTV-FM system is a very flexible system whether you choose to purchase just the FM transmitter and have your members use any type of walkman style radio, or include the transmitter with our fantastic xTV-FM receiver which allows users to select a variety of TV and FM radio stations that you've conveniently preset.*

  • xTV-FM transmitter
  • xTV-FM receiver - The 20-preset station memory receiver - allows users to select a variety of TV and FM radio stations conveniently preset.
*Ability to receive local FM station within your building required.